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How to Avoid Stressful Tenancy


How to Avoid Stressful Tenancy




Many Landlords in Towcester and Milton Keynes are crying foul after they rent out their properties to tenants. Tenancy contracts should not be stressful, it is an investment that you made as a landlord and you should enjoy the money not use it in solving disputes.




Of all the court cases mentioned in 2017 involving tenancy 60% could have been avoided if the landlord was aware of the following tips.






Consider Hiring a Reputable Letting Agent to Manage Your Estate


To avoid the agony of running after tenants every time the accounts fall due, leave it to the experts - they are there for you. Letting agents are the experts in residential properties and have experience in dealing with matters concerning tenancy and maintenance. Hiring a reputable firm to manage your estate will give you that extra time that you deserve in your life. Before hiring, ensure they are a registered with trade bodies and recognised by the authorities. The Property Rental industry has become very lucrative, and it is attracting many dishonest people. Sign a contract with the firm you hire.




Always Vet Your Tenants before Letting Them In


As a responsible landlord, you are entitled to knowing your tenants background. Many tenants have cases of running away with rent owed to their previous landlords, and they don’t want to clear the balances. You should run credit checks and confirm the tenant is not blacklisted as a defaulter. Check with previous landlords to make sure they looked after previous houses they have rented and of course check they are employed and earn what they say they do!  Prestige run these checks as standard.




Make sure the Tenants Sign a Lease Agreement before Moving In


Don’t assume that a tenant is a good person because they work for the top bank in the city. Make sure every tenant who wants to lease your house signs an agreement. The importance of this if things go wrong is crucial. Prestige tenancy agreements have been drawn up by professional Lawyers and checked by Trading Standards.




Always Carry Out Regular Inspections


It might be a daunting task, but regular inspections of your property is a good way of maintaining the premises. You will be able to identify any problems your tenants have not reported and attend to them appropriately. Secondly, the tenants will know that you are in top control. This actually helps because they feel you are always there to make sure they are comfortable. Prestige make regular property inspections as standard.








Hiring services of a good letting agent in Milton Keynes & Towcester will save you from stressful relationships with tenants. Letting agents will also help you get tenants into your properties and maintain them to a high standard. They will also assist you in legal matters in case you are involved in any issues with the tenants.