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Are proud to be raising the standard of Letting Agencies in Milton Keynes and Towcester proven by their "Buy With Confidence" accreditation. From October 2011 Prestige have been approved and accredited by Milton Keynes Trading Standards, the FIRST and so far only Letting Agent in Milton Keynes and Towcester to achieve this distinguished award.

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Does your letting agent constantly get maintenance wrong or send the wrong person – costing your more money?

We have heard so many times form landlords that letting agents get the basics wrong. For example, has your letting agent ever sent a gas contractor to a tenant report of a ‘boiler not working’ when in fact you don’t have gas and the tenant have simply mis-described the hot water tank? This is a story we hear a lot and quite often the letting agents simply do not investigate the problem fully before just sending out a contractor.

At Prestige we pride ourselves on knowing your property well. All of our team will have seen you house and know the layout and basics about its plumbing and fixtures. We ensure that inventory photos include photos of boilers, timers, tanks, appliances etc so that when we get a problem we can identify it correctly and take the correct action.

Our team has a full background in maintenance and a good working knowledge of how many items in the home work. Sometimes resolving a problem can be as easy as talking a tenant through an issue, sending a user manual, or even popping out to check before sending in a contractor. By doing this we know that we keep maintenance bills as low as possible for our landlords, as when contractors are required there is a genuine reason for it.

Does your letting agent mark up on all the work they carry out for you – as well as charging a management fee?

It is common knowledge that many letting agents use maintenance as an extra income and any works they arrange for you are clearly marked up by as much as 10-15% on top of the charge, or some letting agents with less integrity can even have commission agreements with their contractors – making your bills larger without being clearly notified of this.

At Prestige we have absolutely no contractor commissions and, whilst we do have a set fee for arranging certifications – no matter size or type of property, any maintenance works or breakdowns / repairs work we organise for you as a landlord will be passed on at cost and not marked up in any way. As MK’s only letting agent Approved by Trading Standard under the ‘Buy With Confidence’ scheme we are proud of this fact and can assure landlords that we do not use maintenance as an income stream and you can rest easy knowing any issues we report are genuine and not an excuse to make extra income.

Tenants not looking after your property?

We know that it is often difficult to check how a tenant lives before they move in and whilst a tenant may seem good because they pay the rent on time and cause little issue – how are they living and is the house being kept well?

A common complaint about other letting agents is that they do not keep a close enough eye on properties. The second biggest element of property management is to inspect properties regularly and most importantly – do this well!

At Prestige we carry out the first inspection around 13 weeks into the tenancy. This is a perfect time as it is long enough for any issues (such as lack of cleaning or gardening) to be very evident, but not long enough for serious damage to have occurred. We also check basic plumbing such as airing cupboard and under sinks etc, bath / shower seals, and check every room of the property for issues.

Most properties have no issues and you will receive a written report confirming this. On the odd occasion problems are found we always take photos to show you the issues and take corrective action and take tenants to task and carry out more frequent inspections depending on the severity of the issues noted.

Assuming no issues are noted at first inspection properties are continually inspected every 6 months throughout the entire tenancy length going forward.

Does your current letting agent have a huge list of charges?

Many letting agents will advertise their fees on their website. Whilst it has been a legal requirement for some time to display ALL fees charged, it is common knowledge that many letting agents still advertise only their main headline fees and will have others they charge once you come to sign up. Some letting agents charge for extras including marking up of maintenance works, check in / out fees, rent guarantees, giving references, property inspections, serving notices, copying documents such as tax / end year statements, attending court, and so on.

At Prestige Estates MK we have a very simple fee structure as we always ensure we operate ‘Fair and Transparently’ at all times. All fees can be found on our website and we do not have any other charges than shown on our website or in our brochure – making it easy to understand and with no hidden costs.

Have you had poor quality tenants?

Due to the operation nature of many letting agents who pay their staff commission for letting a property their focus is sometimes on the ‘quickest’ deal rather than the ‘best’ tenant for your property. This is because even if you are sole agent with a particular letting agent, they can still have fierce competition within the office between staff for the all important commission.

At Prestige we do not pay commission or have any form of competition between staff as we are a small team of people dedicated to finding the right tenant for your property and are rewarded by end of year results overall as an office. This helps all staff focus on the best long term tenant for you and your property and do our best we possibly can to ensure a smooth tenancy with the least chance of tenant issues.

TestimonialsLandlord and Tenant Reviews

  • Their collective expertise and professionalism mean you get a first class service - nothing is too much trouble!

    We would highly recommend Prestige Estates MK to any Landlord looking to let their property. The team are always very efficient, responsive and great to deal with. The company executives are very experienced and are closely involved in the operation of the business.

    Mr N Boyce
  • Friendly, courteous, diligent and knowledgeable

    I've been using Prestige as letting agents for around five years. Over that time, I've found them to be friendly, courteous and knowledgeable, while carrying out the technicalities in a diligent and timely manner. If you are looking for letting agents in and around MK, I doubt that you will find better!

    Mr Butler
  • Prestige have been professional, courteous and friendly at every point of contact.

    They've been quick to respond to communication and questions, and have constantly kept me updated with quick yet helpful emails and calls. A refreshing change to the usual "can't be bothered" attitude I have experienced with other companies. I would highly recommend. Thanks for your help to date.

    Mr Rooney
  • Extremely impressed with prestige, I have let a number of places now and the quality of service provided is exceptonal

    Prestige have gone out of their way to make moving easy for me. From going out of their way to do a viewing at a time not most convenient to them, to responding to any of my queries with mighty quick speed. Prestige have also been able to provide valuable advice to me on how to run the property most efficiently. The letting agents seem to really go out of their way to make sure they know the property inside and out. In particular Adam and Louise have been terrific. I would definately recommend to both landlords and prospective letters alike. Excellent.

    Levi Francis
  • I feel confident in the knowledge that Adam will be on hand when they or we need him

    Renting out our family home is one of the hardest things I have had to do. However Adam made the whole experience manageable.  Every step of the way he has been there to advise and help in any way that he could. Prestige came highly recommended and so far everything has gone well. Or tenants moved in days after we left and have given us no cause for concern.

    Kathleen Bell

Prestige Estates MK are the only Letting Agents in Milton Keynes and Towcester to have SAFE Agent status, be ARLA registered and Trading Standards Approved

ARLA Accredited Letting Agents

ARLA Accredited

Trading Standards Accredited Letting Agents

Trading Standards Approved

Safe Agent Accredited Letting Agents

Safe Agents

Receipt of these accreditations means you can rest assured that we are operating to the very high standards of professional conduct.